Thursday, May 29, 2008

What If

What if blogs were like American Idol?

What if Simon Cowell (if I butchered his name, maybe he'll email me to say so. Or comment. Lord knows I need the comments to know whether anyone's out there) and Paula Abdul were sitting about 10 feet away... ready and willing to tell me how much I, um, don't mince words now, suck? (Comma splice away, there's no one reading.)

What if all of America cried out in outrage at Simon and Paula trashing me, and then called a 1-800 number to vote me in?

Oh, and what if, instead of Simon and Paula, it was a navel-gazing diva and a suburban correspondent with their true opinions? What if?

Of course to make it more realistic, there'd have to be someone willing to make me famous after all the public outcry about my particular blend of funny (I'm a little bit funny.) and heartwarming (I can't seem to help myself thinking my kids are worthy of blogspace.) and farming (there're a lot of hobby farmers out there waiting for a voice. I'm sure of it.).


Sue said...

Cool, I'm a diva. ;>

Now I totally want to start an anonymous blog critiquing blog. Just because.

Chickie Momma said...

Hurray for Hobby Farmers! (There, that was my public outcry)

This blog rocks!

farm suite said...

Oh, geez, shoot, I love divas. I wish I were one. I was in no way implying an attitude :)

So the critique part? Still no dice.

Farm Chick said...

*with a fabulous british accent*

You truly rock the blogosphere.

Now about the diva thing.......we need to talk. You are the farm diva to beat all farm diva's, so what if no one know this but you and me! You still rock the cazbah!