Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's me again. From the farm.

 There're (were) a lot of apples on them there trees. And I'm so tired I can't think of whether I've made any grammatical errors in the first sentences of this post.
 We started school.
You know how moms the world over (okay, in the First-World World) rejoice and have a mid-morning hair appointment (cocktail?) sometime during the first week of school?
Yeah, homeschooling moms, not so much.

My kids are probably a lot like kids you know and love -- brilliant and funny and eager to learn -- and that's just part of why I. am. exhausted.

We started school and started canning apples, pears, green beans, blackberry jam, salsa and spaghetti sauce all in the same weeks. And that was right after I wore out the cartilage in my right hand sanding (likely) asbestos glue off of the dining room and stairwell walls in the hopes to save money and, frankly, square footage by not covering the adhesive and torn wall surfaces with new sheetrock.

I may regain full use of my hand again in time to start blogging more regularly. Or, you know, to finish the canning.

Love you. Miss you. It's crazybusy here on the farm and I wish you were here.