Saturday, January 15, 2011

Groove? I had a groove?

I like to worry way, way ahead of time. (Which of course is ridiculous as there's not really an appropriate time for worry. But follow me for a moment, if you will.)

I especially obsess about things I can't control and/or about which I have only a vague idea, such as Empty Nest Syndrome and Blog Readership Decline.

Well, maybe I could work on controlling the blog readership thing. But in my random notions on the subject I'm sure that it would require posting regularly, with some, er, content, and even possibly some expectancy of quality. And the main reason that's a problem for me is that I'm too busy worrying about how to keep all my babies from ever leaving me in an empty nest.


Sort of.

After our fourth baby, Laura (who turns a dynamic, energetic THREE today!), I spent a little bit of precious time looking for my "groove." I emailed with some friends and some bloggy buddies, fellow travelers and writers on the subject of getting that groove back for goodness sakes. I wanted to know if I'd ever feel "myself" again. That writing, reading, traveling self who skipped the recipe section in magazines because she ate mainly yogurt.

But after the arrival of our fifth child, Salvador (who is all of six months old and still as delicious as can be), I'm not feeling the groove search. It's possible I'm still caught up in 2010's goal of living in the moment (which sounds a little, upon re-reading, like living in the past?). Or it's possible I've simplified to the point that I don't need to return to any pre-mommy glory days.

These days are fairly glorious all on their own.

And they're fleeting.

Our eldest, Madeleine (a scary-smart 12 years old!), second daughter, Sarah (still my 10-year-old bookworm mini-me), and our middlest, Grace (6 and a half and a Lego/puzzle/spatial genius)... these three have taught me that the baby years go too quickly to be wished away in any way, even in pursuit of finding oneself. There will be time for that when the nest is emptier. Right?

At this point, and I reserve the right to freak out later, I like my particular current groove just fine. I like my recipe-reading, bread-baking, baby-wearing life like I like jazz. It's sometimes unexpected. And it's beautifully full of high and low notes with an engaging beat of soul.

I might even call it groovy.


Vickie said...

I think you have your Mommy Groove going on! Cherish every minute! The years fly by so fast sometimes you feel as if you are on a merry go round and can't slow it down.

We have 3 on their own now and 4 beautiful grandchildren. One in college living an hour and half away. And 2 still at home. As each one starts coming into their own I feel a mixture of sadness and joy. It's hard letting go!

With that said the one in college wants to come back home after the semister ends and go to the college we wanted her to go to in the first place that is only 15 minutes away. She just turned 19 yesterday and said mom I don't like living away from home it's not what I thought it would be and I miss being home. Awwww!!! I can't wait!

So keep that Mommy Groove and cherish the moments! Take Care :)

Jen Kershner said...

Beautiful! I hope you continue getting your Mommy groove on. And good for you for dreaming about Paris. Dreaming is half the fun I think!