Saturday, January 8, 2011

Watch and learn

If I were a chubby little baby (a-hem) I'd watch other people fall down and laugh and I'd think falling could be fun.
I'd think there'd be someone to chuckle with me over this hilarity of falling. I might even think people fall on purpose for the experience. Over and over.
I certainly wouldn't confuse falling with failing.
I might do this and then grow up to be a risk-taker, thrill-seeker, limit-pusher. Or I might just grow into one fantastic individual unafraid to fall, or to fail, in the pursuit of new horizons.
I dunno.
This parenting gig might have something to teach me.
p.s. Did you get a glimpse of that baby's hair?


Susan Evans said...

Is the baby crying or laughing in that third picture? Maybe that's your point. In life, we can either cry over our failures, or we can laugh about them and move on...

HP said...

that baby sure looks like his Mama! soo cute...

Miriam said...

Susan - tried to email you and was not technologically advanced enough to do so. Big surprise! Anyway Salvador is laughing, big time. That kid thinks it is so very funny to fall over.