Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How much is that doggie in the window?

Should you lose your beloved canine and go all melancholy crazy with the doglessness, try not to do as I do.

Try not to snap pictures of random other peoples' dogs thinking they look like they'd fill the hole in your family.

Or at least try not to stop in the middle of the street when doing so.

Dog envy. It's not pretty, people.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Nothing slowed down yet.
Turns out "simplify"
is an active verb.
I'll keep you posted.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm all over the place

It might seem to you, dear reader, that I'm a bit unpredictable these days. Post, no post, poem, picture. Randomness abounds. Not to worry. It's just a reflection of my season right now, my crazy-beautiful life.

Lately I've been painting a little. That spindle bed for my room... a nice gray-blue. The girls' hideout in the barn loft... a pretty butter yellow.

Lately we've been swimming a little. Laura is intrepid in her alternating nail polish.

Lately I've been baby watching a lot. One particular baby I watch for the smiles.

Lately another baby o' mine has lost three teeth in quick succession (just two missing in that snap) and received notes and silver from the Tooth Fairy.
In other Suite baby news: Sarah had her ears pierced and lived to tell about it, Madeleine is in the throes of writing a new top-secret novella, the garden is finally yielding fruit regularly although the rain has now begun in earnest, we are loving our twice-a-month work at a nearby rural "pantry" ministry, homeschool is in full session although illnesses have kept us from attending our cool new cooperative homeschool adventure. The history of our state and the joys of pre-algebra fill our mornings whenever doctor appointments do not.
I still feel a change of season, heavier than that of summer-to-autumn. Five children seems much more than four. If possible I have become more hermit-like than ever before. Not sure how long this adjustment will take but I have the oddest feeling that it will occur, with or without my trademark (over)analysis.
Thanks for sticking with me. I'd love to have some heartfelt promise of projects and prose and posting regularity, but it's like this for now: I'm all over the place.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Seven wonders of the weekend

1. There'll be naptime. Who among us does not love naptime? I have tried to institute a family "rest hour" during school days, but the tweens, they are resistant, while the effervescent first-grader is too bubbly to quiet down and the terrific 2-year-old is apparently allergic to naps. Or so she says. Ah well. On the weekends, Daddy is home and he has the magic authority that makes all naps happen. Even mine.

2. Salvador likes his own reflection. Is there anything more bittersweet and wonderful than the passing of time, the passing of newborn to little tiny person and big personality?

3. It's time for pumpkin stew and curried squash 'round these parts. It may be necessary to add some cheesy herbed biscuits to the menu as well.

4. We have no plans for this weekend! Other than the aforerambled nap.

5. Our new pony, a sweet Welsh named Ebony, is settling in nicely with Two Spot and Dolly. She looks like a tiny Black Beauty with a big white star on her forehead. Frankly she's every little girls' dream horse. Not that we like her much.

6. In a directly related manner, my mare Seven went to live with a new forever family. All of the angst and drama surrounding her last failed sale is washed away by the sheer rightness of this new home. We are so blessed.

7. My husband brought home more French roast coffee beans last night. All is right with the world. Or my little corner of it. I might refuse to look outside my corner for the weekend.
What's wonderful with you this weekend?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

too busy for capitalization

upon pouring my third cup of coffee (french roast)
i realize
it's been too long
i realize we've been draining the last of summer
just another half cup of energy for the cozy winter to come

the grasses are nearly colorless
we wait for the returning rain
half hoping

it's funny that way, anticipation, foreknowledge
a book by a favorite author
spine not yet cracked
new baby, new pony
old dog gone to chase squirrels in the clouds
lake turned cold and text turned to page twelve
it might be time for fall

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Last week it was so hot I had to unpack (non-maternity) shorts and capris.

This week it's raining cats and dogs and the horses are for sale again.
Curriculum is ordered and class has begun.

The blackberries may not be ready, but fall is on its way.
Change is in the air. It's on the tracks, chugging steadily for on-time arrival.
I'm okay with that.
(Reserving the right to freak out later though.)
How's your season going?