Friday, September 17, 2010

Seven wonders of the weekend

1. There'll be naptime. Who among us does not love naptime? I have tried to institute a family "rest hour" during school days, but the tweens, they are resistant, while the effervescent first-grader is too bubbly to quiet down and the terrific 2-year-old is apparently allergic to naps. Or so she says. Ah well. On the weekends, Daddy is home and he has the magic authority that makes all naps happen. Even mine.

2. Salvador likes his own reflection. Is there anything more bittersweet and wonderful than the passing of time, the passing of newborn to little tiny person and big personality?

3. It's time for pumpkin stew and curried squash 'round these parts. It may be necessary to add some cheesy herbed biscuits to the menu as well.

4. We have no plans for this weekend! Other than the aforerambled nap.

5. Our new pony, a sweet Welsh named Ebony, is settling in nicely with Two Spot and Dolly. She looks like a tiny Black Beauty with a big white star on her forehead. Frankly she's every little girls' dream horse. Not that we like her much.

6. In a directly related manner, my mare Seven went to live with a new forever family. All of the angst and drama surrounding her last failed sale is washed away by the sheer rightness of this new home. We are so blessed.

7. My husband brought home more French roast coffee beans last night. All is right with the world. Or my little corner of it. I might refuse to look outside my corner for the weekend.
What's wonderful with you this weekend?


Mama Hen said...

Your Salvador is so precious!

And yes, isn't it amazing how Daddy has those magical powers to make things happen?

We don't have any big plans this weekend. I am in the mood to deep clean for fall so I may start on that tomorrow. I will really feel better when it is done.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

The horse sounds beautiful! And the naps...ah...sounds wonderful too. Your little one is a total sweetheart! I can tell!