Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday already? Thinking time.

Lately I have been thinking about writing.

At first blush, this is not very productive, all this quiet and thinking.

But something is brewing as surely as the flame under the kettle means tea is impending.
Often of late an Idea sneaks in during quiet thinking time. It's so big, so capital, this Idea, that I am tempted to stop thinking! To rush to get that little notebook and immortalize my brilliant notion (full measure of humility here) with the instant-gratification sound of chicken scratch graphite hitting composition paper.
I resist.
If it's that good, it'll still be there when I'm done thinking.
I try not to overemphasize this thoughtful time by scheduling it or by calling it something grand (meditation? intimidation!). I just find it here and there, in the serendipitous moments of littles napping and biggles reading and dishes drying.

Do you afford yourself that time?

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Susan Evans said...

Oh, I absolutely have to write it down, or I forget it! Just last night I came up with a brilliant idea while lying in bed. I jumped up, scribbled it down, and went back to bed. My husband moaned, "What are you doing?" I whispered, "I'm sorry that you're married to a writer!"