Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not As Hardcore as KL

Before... I didn't even have to do anything to stage the awesomeness of this before pic.

After... I so hesitated to post these because I don't think my after is that impressive. But take a moment to compare it to the before. Please.

And then pretty please notice that I struggle with an affliction called "open shelving," otherwise known as the stupidest kitchen design known to womankind. It gives clutter a new place to exhibit itself in all glory. It also is a good incentive to not have any junk food in the house, because it'd be in plain view all the time and thus more likely to be scarfed by me. There's no temptation in a glass canister of dry black beans, no siree.

Anywhat, I am posting for the sake of Lexi and KL, both of whom are way awesome at this challenge thing. Maybe a little bit because Lexi said I'd be a whiny baby if I didn't do it. My husband the EGE thanks you ever so much. Did anyone notice that Lexi posted only "after" photos... and at this moment, KL only posted "before" photos?

Now. That. Is. Hardcore.


Jenelle said...

I'm so glad I don't have open shelving! It would be so embarrassing! :)

Misty said...

I do not think that open shelving is bad... I am a fan of upper cabinets with glass doors. Same thing, less dusty.

Good job. I think your courage, at posting BOTH Before and after, was commendable. I took before shots, and will post them, once I have an after to compare. See, we had 20 people and a party last night. And then I was gone all day today... so yeah... I've got good reasons... :)

farm suite said...

misty, you are busted if your before is better than my after!!!

Chickie Momma said...

Yes YES! This was a gut-busting post. I am just so focused that I didn't THINK to do the "before" photo... plus, I believe I would have been mortally humiliated. I too, think that doorless shelves are a terrible idea. A few glass doors, sure, for that stuff you don't mind showing off, but do you REALLY want to see my half empty bag of mini marshmallows, or the scummy jar of Jif scrunched in between the open package of saltines and the EMPTY box of pop tarts? Me thinks not.

BTW, you're welcome EGE... now if you can find a way to motivate my husband to put up the screens on the windows I'd be most appreciative.

Toni said...

The first thing I thought when I saw the pictures was "No cupboard doors? I would panic without cupboard doors!". Your cupboards, however, look very neat and orderly.

Junk food in the kitchen? No, that's what the underwear drawer is for. Nobody looks in there for bags of M&Ms.

If you need any other tricky hiding places, just let me know. With three teenage boys that have open pits for stomachs, I have to get creative with my junk food hiding places.

Farm Chick said...

I love to read the comments ALMOST as much as the blogs!

I deliberatly have no upper cupboard doors AND I deliberatly took an after photo! I am just freaky like that.

M, you rock. You shined your kitchen in one day! It looks fabUlous!
You are welcome EGE.