Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Accountability Sucks Eggs

Look at my laundry room!

Not only did I wash, dry, fold and put away all the clothes and linens, I cleverly stashed all signs of laundry detergent and even appliances, finishing off by decorating the countertop with fresh lavender and potted plants. I even put in a little soft focus so you know how relaxing it is to step in there:

Or, my laundry room looks pretty much like it did yesterday, so I took a picture of a magazine spread and posted it on my blog because I really hate letting people down.

There is something hard-wired in me about others' expectations that actually causes pain when short-circuits occur. Sadly, flipped breakers and short circuits happen a lot lately here. And believe me, sparks are flying. The whole accountability motherboard may blow at any moment.

Case in point: I thawed out the spending freeze yesterday. Spending hiatus, interrupted. I was a wimpy, materialistic spender. Spend, spend, spend and then throw some more money around so as to make the sick feeling go away.

But on the up side, while I was out last night spending money with my good friend for her birthday, someone redecorated my kitchen too:

My kids get their sense of humor from me.
(Unfortunately, they do not also have my highly sharpened sense of accountability, because this morning no one would own up to this particular still life.)


Farm Chick said...

Well I sure apprecitated your spending...hehehe. I am so spoiled! Thanks, sweet friend.

I heard from a little birdy that someone whose name starts with an 'S' was the culprit in the neck'ed Ken decorating scheme.


Ei said...

That Ken is like Dick Clark, he never ages. I wonder if being gender neutral has something to do with it.

I was "this" close to buying new clothes instead of doing laundry last night. That would have been wrong on so many levels, huh?

Chickie Momma said...

Little Ken came back for his "pair"

Help me, I need fresh underpants.

The laundry room accountability picture is now due NEXT WEEK. After all, I see Ken is missing his chest hair and that means you're probably up to something.

(PS - Thanks for spoiling the farmish chick. She needs it!)