Sunday, May 25, 2008


I am allllll about the pay it forward thing. If you are ever in the coffee lane behind me on a payday, you will know it's me without even checking whether it's a huge white Suburban trailing hay seeds: that's me, spreading the love.

But it occurs to me after reading this:

that I am a serious pay it forward wimp. And that there are drawbacks to keeping my exact location a semi-secret.

Just drop me a comment if you'd like to win the opportunity to work on my house and yard for a week while I go on vacation. I'd be happy to release my address in that case.

(Seriously, I'm just kidding. What those ladies -- and you know it was women -- did is super-inspirational and worth reading about on a rainy Sunday afternoon. And then pass it along?)


Ei said...

It IS really sweet. But I personally would rather not have my friends and church congregants going through *every* nook and cranny of my house. I think I'm going to start paddlocking my bedroom closet just in case anyone loves me this much.

farm suite said...

Oh, yeah, what if she came home and said, "where's my STUFF?!"

Anonymous said...

lol hey, i'd let you work on my yard if you wanna pay it forward! ;p

Barb said...

Now, see, I, personally (because that's what the personal pronoun denotes) have NO PRIDE. I was thinking about PAYING someone to come finish unpacking for me and then to do some sort of organization. If that person wants to corral a bunch of friends and leave me lasagna in the fridge AND do it all for free?

I would be his or her slave for life.

But it just occurs to me that my husband would really appreciate it if *I* would do this to our home.

Dang it. I don't want to pay it forward that way.


Farm Chick said...

Hey sista', we could pay it forward and fix up eachothers houses.

Hint. Hint.