Wednesday, May 14, 2008

$2.06, or $1.98 Plus Inflation

While reading all about what not to buy at this very funny blog Every Day, I oh-so-gladly remembered it is time for my second annual spending hiatus. I, being way ahead of the frugality curve, tried this for the first time last year.

Truth be told I am a little behind in the "annual" thing. It's been 15 months. But I really didn't want to do it again. I like to buy stuff as much as the next girl. It's just that, since becoming a farmgirl, I can only buy so much livestock. And then you have to buy feed for said livestock. Whodathunk.

There are things for sale in the sticks. I can buy organic produce at Hey Bayles farm, or a cup of coffee at the General Store's deli. I can buy gas at the Family Store (yes, we have a "General Store" and a "Family Store" to serve approximately 200 people in a three-mile radius)... for sixteen dollars a gallon.

Or, I could drive into town to buy gas for only fifteen dollars a gallon. It costs about a gallon to get to town and of course a gallon and a half to get home with my Suburban full of stuff.

What do I buy in town to weigh down the 'burban, you ask? Animal feed, human feed and books. Books are not as heavy as animal feed but they are more expensive to have Fed Exed to my house.

Everything else I can buy from my keyboard with the magic of a debit card. This is very, very dangerous. Don't try it at home.

So my spending hiatus this year means I need to forget my Ebay and Etsy passwords, forget my addiction and my penchant for calling the EGE to "pick something up" on his way home. Oh, how he hates that phone call. There is nothing more embarrassing to an Eng-Gen-Eer (as far as I know) than picking up nursing pads at Target.

To prepare for the hiatus I had to spend $2.06 today. My mom is bringing out a quart of yogurt, because I got lazy like that and didn't have any starter. We can't live for ten days without yogurt, now can we?

Maybe if I get lucky, my mom will spring for the yogurt. Then inflation didn't really hurt at all.


Farm Chick said...

Hey, I just spent 8 bucks and got half'a gallon of gas, amazing! LOL!

Well we Sanity Savers have got to stick together, so I should be freezing my assets too. But maybe not till next week though-K?! It's supposed to be in like the 90's this weekend-Buwahahaha! ROFLOL!

Chickie Momma said...

I try to save money wherever I can but, um, I think that the 10 cent off a gallon thing at Safeway (the closest place under $17 a gallon for us) is kind of a joke.

Would you buy your groceries somewhere if they offered to give you one penny off each item you purchased? Eh?? What gives?

Chickie Momma said...

And just so you know, it took a good 10 bucks of my time to get the word verification right ...

farm suite said...

Dear Chickie Momma, I'll send you ten bucks. Oh, wait, I can't do that for a few days.

Dear Farm Chick, We have heard enough about your assets already!