Wednesday, April 30, 2008

After the Bath... or Big Hair Is Back

I sincerely hope your screen shows this hairdo to its maximum effect. I am going to look at it every time I think I need product for fuller hair. Yes, this is just how hers dries naturally.


Misty said...

He's adorable. I for one, love the hair... And by the time he is older, punk will be WAY cool again and he too will love this :)

Misty said...

And no, i did not say HE intentionally. *sigh*

SHE... SHE, HER... I was multi-tasking and listening to a weeks worth of voicemail. One particular call being about my nephew.
So sorry... This falls under the major mommy crime category, and I am sorry!

Chickie Mamma said...

*clucking at Misty* LOL

I love this hair... I clicked on the photo to see the full effect. Wowza!

My son thought it was a photo of him in a pink shirt awhile back. He looks very similar after his baths (and after waking every morning!) We just giggle and call it "scary hair". Alas, he got a major trim yesterday... it was starting to be a lot of work on Sunday morning to get it to lay down so the old ladies wouldn't think he'd gone punk.