Friday, April 18, 2008

A Lego, A Popsicle Stick, $1.13 in Change

A Lego, a popsicle stick, $1.13 in change, a button, a "special" rock, and a soggy end of a carrot. All of these can be yours for performing the simple task of cleaning out the filter of your washing machine. Yuck! I'm sure it's occurred to you that I could have gathered this collection had I just cleaned out the pockets prior to running the wash. But of course then I would have missed out on the joys of lying on my tummy fighting with the the teeny (nearly invisible!) little screws that attach the cover of the machine just a half inch off the floor so the screwdriver can't go in a complete turn but has to be repositioned each time. And who would want to pass up the chance to sift through grody sodden lint to find such treasures?

This brings us to the subject of my laundry helpers. The Lego was a gear piece, and you know someone had been needing exactly that piece to finish a creation. The button was off a favorite sweater. And the carrot was saved from lunch to bring home to the horses. The special rock? Irreplaceable, found on a trip to the coast with Grampa. You can keep the change, Mom. It was probably Daddy's. Oh, no, I'm keeping it ALL. I have to have proof that I fixed the washing machine by myself. I even replaced the cover!


startastical said...

Wow! Miriam. You are a wonder worker. Who knew you many skills extended to search and recovering of valuable treasure. I just wanted to say "hi". I haven't really caught on to the whole blog thing yet. Hey! I just mastered myspace six months ago. It sounds like life is nothing short of an adventure for you and your family.

farm suite said...

Hi, Star! Thanks for visiting my blog. Are you blogging? Send me a link. I am terrible at the technical end of this but I am so glad to hear from you.