Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun With Numbers

I am at work at Ryan's office this morning, as Carri called in sick. Boo hoo for her and me! I had big plans to work from home, writing all-important marketing materials while uploading more pics of our super fun weekend in the sun. Horseback riding clinic, gardening, laundry galore (this was not part of the fun), Gracie's birthday dinner with Grandma and more. Photos TK.

I am so encouraged by the health of our transplanted seedlings. In my experience, transplanting cosmos and zinnias doesn't work out as well as direct seeding. The girls were excited to start seeds, though, so we went ahead and planted what we had. The lettuces and brocolli are so cute in the salad buckets!

Today it is hailing and raining. Wish the weather would get its act together.

More later from this farmgirl stuck in the office.

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Farm Chick said...

Crappy day to you! I am sorry you are stuck at the office~just as well with the crappy weather.

Make the most of it and get some Dutch Bro's if you haven't already!! ;D