Monday, April 7, 2008

Good Gravy

Dear Dutch Brothers,
Congratulations on your market dominance of Eugene. Just last year I had to go out of my way to get a grande four-shot mocha. It's great that your business is thriving; I can find you on any number of my errand routes AND on the way to Ryan's office.


I am eating out too much. For example, on Friday night I had prime rib at the General Store. Two days last week I had fast food for lunch. And every day a sinful, who-knows-how-many-calories mocha, which is my new baby (as in: "baby weight"). In the interim I managed to stick to our family's relatively healthy, well-rounded, mostly organic diet.

So, in my considered opinion, if you weren't so consistently yummy and so stinking convenient, my waistline would be approaching non-stretchy-pant territory. Thanks for listening.
-Another Dutch Princess


Misty said...

i have abstained from going there because I've heard "once you go dutch NEVER go back to Starbucks..."

Farm Chick said...

Good gravy indeed! I have a long forgotten waist-line thanks to the "Bros".....and yet I long for one to take up residence in a much more convient location. Have the "Bros" brainwashed us and our poor addicted tastebuds?

Must the mania continue???!! Well DUH! *sucking on Kicker* I think they have us yahoo's right where they want us, sadly enough.