Monday, April 28, 2008

What I Wouldn't Do

What wouldn't I do right now for a Diet Coke? That certain fizzy, aspartame-and-caffeine high. If you're my mom (hah, congrats on getting on the Internet, mom!), I quit Diet Coke months ago. Everyone else: feel like driving to my house to deliver?

I have tried everything to avert the craving, to no avail. The baby is asleep, the big girls are planning their outfits for the upcoming Fairy Festival, and I am trying for a head start on "Tackle It Tuesday" in my laundry room (pit) whilst scheming on how to get a Diet Coke into the house.


Toni said...

Man, do I relate! Mine is the new Pepsi product Jazz (strawberries and cream). I got hooked last school semester trying to do normal things during the day and studies at night. While I'm trying not to drink it anymore, it just keeps calling me from the convenient store down the road.

Misty said...

Fairy Festival???? My seemingly routine (rebound headache filled) morning suddenly grew whimsical and imaginative...
My daughter would die at the mere mention of this, so I won't utter a word.