Thursday, April 24, 2008

Go Fly a Kite

First let me thank my blogsweet friends for helping uplift Madeleine this week. She had a crushing disappointment when one of her schoolmates insulted her physical appearance terribly in front of the whole class... and even in the face of that, her first thought was to help the little girl who was likewise crushed by a no-show birthday. You are right, Misty, true friends are hard to find at any age. My hope and prayer is that our girls are growing up to be encouragers, loyal and true. And it's a blessing beyond words when they exhibit those wonderful character traits.
My wise father-in-law counsels that in the face of adversity (and I don't know how many of us are facing conflict and adversity, but I hope someone relates!), we must act from a point of knowing who God made us to be, not "react" to the hurtful words or actions of those on the other side of the table.
However, I often slide into the trap of rehearsing what I "should have" said to really GET my point across. Tough conversations play themselves over in my head like a broken record, with different endings. Oh! Like the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books from childhood. "Choose Your Own Confrontation."
If I'm the only one who struggles with this, feel free to click away and come back tomorrow for a Friday Farmgirl craft or garden project... but I'm in an obsessive mood about this subject for today.

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Misty said...

Nope... me too...
Rehash, and rehash... Or plan out that confrontation/conversation/moment and exactly how it will go...
Insecurities just stink!