Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I think it was a blatant attempt to get more praise on this blog, but last night, the Eng-Gen-Eer FOLDED LAUNDRY! I made one little complimentary comment about him having a cruddy weekend hauling heavy stuff while I played baby shower and horseback riding lessons... and now he wants MORE kudos.

Seriously, I can count on one hand the number of times my husband has folded laundry. As is recounted in this blog (kind of a lot), he is an extremely hard worker. Farm-like work and work-like work, well, those are his gigs. We never sat down and made chauvinist lists or anything, it's just the way it worked out.

Anyhoo I blogged yesterday about getting a head start on my Tackle It Tuesday (just love this idea, thanks, Amy Deanne. My laundry room needed tackling and then one of those, you know, excavators. I did take "before" photos as a form of self-flagellation and I may post them if the "after" pics are stunning enough (and if I get done before next Tuesday!).

Back to my husband.

I do believe he's been reading this blog as a way to understand me better. Gee, no pressure or anything. This really funny girl at 40 something crises was just blogging about her husband's desire to connect with her the way she so clearly connects with all of us mommies through her excellent blog. Well, my husband has simply decided to read what I am thinking. It saves so many phone calls during working hours.

Case in point: Yesterday he brought home two boxes of Diet Coke. Now, I really don't care what his motivation was, because that was a Good Thing (purposely not linking to Martha here).

And then, just when I thought the gestures of husbandly sweetness could not stretch further, I caught him folding tiny t-shirts in the den. The Giants were on TV and the 0-3 month onesies were in his hands. Also lumped up in a pile that resembled folded laundry. Holy clean clothes.

I am so sure today is going to be a good one. Hope yours is too.


Misty said...

this is where you start blogging about the little things you want. :) The romantic things...

Actually it's super sweet! No one in my family, (in laws, personal family, husband) have any interest in my blog...

Toni said...

Super Sweet! I just love it when I wake to the sounds of Nacho doing the dishes. It's sooooo romantic.

Chickie Mamma said...

I read part of this post to my husband, who was highly amused at Nacho catching the diet coke "hint"... and I'm hoping my Mr will catch the "hint" that I'd like him to read my blogs. ha! He usually does when he hears that he is the topic of conversation though. Hmph!