Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yummy! Cherry and Apple and Grape... Wood?

Ooh ooh ooh! Today I am going to the Grange to learn how to weave baskets out of fruit wood saplings. This is the Napa of the North, remember, so everyone has grapevines galore. Our Rural Arts Commission (yes, there is such a non-profit) is active and overbooked all Winter with screening art films in the Grange Hall, organizing poetry readings and talent shows, and all manner of indoor artistic activities. Finally, it may be something like Spring outside, and so I get to CUT flexible TWIGS!!! and make something useful/interesting with them.

I will do my darndest to post pictures afterward.

This morning the Eng-gen-eer is out hauling hay from the shop to the barn. I do love him.


Toni said...

That is very cool. I would take advantage of that program.

I worked in wood today too. Since it's arbor day weekend, and my son needed a service project to get his eagle in Boy scouts, we organized a group to plant 160 trees in the riverbed. I'm so glad it is now behind us!

Misty said...

That's awesome... I would love to do that!