Monday, April 14, 2008

Clinically Speaking

The girls (Gracie too!) started their big horse clinic yesterday. All of KL's kids were there as well, so it was a saddle club extravaganza. Three Sunday afternoons this month, MSG will be working on their riding skills and horse knowledge (that's their teacher leading Sarah on Touche, with KL's Inspector and Nicole and Madeleine following).Here's Grace Hannah. Such a big girl, riding a full-size horse! Check out the boots, too. Tony Llama-o-Rama!
And the unofficial South Lane/North Douglas chapter of The Saddle Club. L-R: Nicole (the girls' BFF), Madeleine and Sarah:

Much more horse fun to come. This coming year, Cole and Maddy will be old enough for Equestrian 4H. Sarah will undoubtedly piggyback on their first year to give herself a "leg up" for the next year.
The pictures are cute, and the kids all had a super great time. But I hafta tell you, I must need some anti-anxiety medication worse than I knew. The idea behind spending the big money for this clinic is that neither KL nor I has to organize, groom horses, make curriculum, be responsible, etc. But... it got started 40 minutes late and ended an hour late (argh), the crafts were not entirely age appropriate and there was next to no academic value. The administrator in me was going bananas. I resolved to say something, then resolved to be polite and let the teacher do her job. I vacillated between my two options and decided to grumble blogwise. I'm sure next week will be more organized and informative. I'm sure my heart palpitations at having to bite my tongue will subside.
I may edit later. The negativity is not good. But the pictures are!

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Farm Chick said...

Bring the anti-anxiety meds to the clinic~I may need to medicate too!!

I felt so sorry for the Inspector. He wanted to go play his guit-fiddle with the guys so bad. Instead he played nice and sat patiently waiting, and waiting......:)

Hopefully next session will be better.