Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Three Nursing Bras, Sarah's Glasses and A Book

Those are the things left behind on our weekend away for a funeral.

It was all fun and games, like this:

Yep, love, Dutch Brothers Not-So-Hots, cuddling in the car and more love. You are glimpsing the dog in the background. He is always in the background. Except when he's in the foreground.

Okay, I'm leaving out the carsickness and the careening wildly through orange traffic cones to get to the side of the road in time for the carsickness.

We dragged a traffic cone 30 feet. Then when we backed up out of the construction zone, post-carsick-episode, the traffic cone popped up in perfect upright position. That was cool.

Here's a picture of my camera-shy super-cute nephew:

I tried to bring him home with us, but for some strange reason he didn't want to come.

Maybe he knew about the carsickness. Little babies are smart that way.

The other thing we left behind was my camera's autofocus. It might've been because I dropped it on a brick path, I mean the yellow brick road. Thus I am only able to take photos like this:

Of my girls and their great-grandma right before we had to leave for home.

The most important thing is, we're home. And my camera is broken, so... you know I need a new camera. The old one just about got me arrested by the po-lice, and still no new camera. I did a little pre-Mother's Day hinting, and still no new camera.

And yet I didn't win one on The Pioneer Woman's site. The Gods Must Be Crazy.

I miss my camera. It is usually attached to me, closer than the baby (unless she's nursing). I don't consider it an event if there are no pictures. I can't truly enjoy a farmish view or time in my garden without the camera.

I also miss my nursing bras. I wonder whether Nana will mail them. I miss my book, The Kite Runner, which is a good read even if I have been trying to find time to finish it since approximately the time that I got it, before Laura was born. No coincidence there. I miss Sarah's glasses, which may or may not have been lost on the trip, before or after the carsickness.

I miss my pre-mommyhood sanity, but I'm probably romanticizing that too.

I'll just stick to missing the camera and looking for the glasses. Yep, bra-less and picture-less. It's a good combination.


Misty said...

sadness about the camera, but my goodness what a way to look at the positives of the trip. I would have loved to see that via the traffic cone. Cool...

Funerals are tough, at any rate. :(

Barb said...

Dude, my camera died this past summer and I actually GAVE UP WINE to pay for a new one. (Well, you know, sort of. In a rationalizing kind of way.) I didn't win one from PW either. Sigh.

The good news about the glasses is that it was probably a matter of mere months before she had to have new ones anyway. My girls seem to need new glasses every 4-6 months. Our insurance is really in denial over this.

I'm glad you all are home safe.

farm suite said...

Our insurance is in denial too. Over everything. Deny, deny, deny. Sarah is legally blind without the glasses and has to have new prescriptions every four months. Insurance will pay for a new set of lenses every year, a new pair of frames every two years. See how well I work the phones?

Maybe insurance will pay for a camera...

Farm Chick said...

Hey you could claim the camera on home-owner insurance, funny how we were just talkin' about that....

You SO have to blog the finding of the glasses and the pacifier......

I, yes me, have your copy of the Kite Runner. Want it back?? :)

Sorry fresh out of nursing bra's though, I quite wearin' those ages ago. Ok so I confess I just took the last one to Goodwill just the other day~shuush!

Chickie Momma said...

UGH! I hate it when my kids lose glasses. Luckily, since my son can't see without his, he wears them nonstop, but my girls - forget it. They switched to contacts, but they lose those too!!

Do tell us the story about finding stuff... we wanna hear!