Monday, June 30, 2008

Coffee! My Kingdom For Some Coffee!

I have been having a pretty freaky morning. Out of coffee again. New kitten in the house. Well, it spends its nights in the shop, because the EGE is, um, not initially so thrilled about said new kitten.

(They were going to drown him. The kitten, not my eng-gen-eer husband. So what could I do?)

Madeleine is upstairs in Gracie's room working on a big "surprise." This means she'll emerge after a few hours having mercilessly edited (read: she's throwing away Gracie's treasures) and cleaned (read: our oldest has an obsession with Lysol).

Sarah is completely motionless on the couch holding the kitten. She's afraid to wake him up even though her legs are asleep and she has a "crik" in her neck.

Gracie woke up with a bloody nose geysering all over the quilt.

The new kitten has some sort of disgusting eye gunk issue and I will need to get myself into the feed store today for drops that I can only hope will cure the gunkiness.

Laura is on moosh food now, and it's made the diapers interesting, to say the least. This is yet another example of time going too quickly for me. She was literally born yesterday. Okay, six months ago, but still.

Independence Day is coming. This makes summer seem half over. I just sowed the second planting of swiss chard and acorn squash in the garden. Last night some neighbors stopped by and exclaimed at the cute factor of my raised beds. It is cute, I must say. Today I am going to try to build some more picket fence. Because I'm bored and it's 90 degrees and muggy, that's why.

The new chickens? Not so cute. I learned that two of them are a breed I think is called Kook-a-Morons. This is what Shelley, my personal chicken guru, told me. These chickens are absolutely out of their minds, and it's driving me there. Gone are the sweetly clucking Cochins and Araucaunas of our spring, and we are left with a summer of wild banshee chickens named after not-so-bright weirdos.

I simply must buy more coffee at a time.


Farm Chick said...

Cuckoo Maran: Dual purpose birds which lay med. to large dark chocolate brown eggs......AND I am so stinking jealous, cuz this breed is so rare that no one could get them this year!

Sorry that they are making you crazy though.

You could come my way for a cuppa joe, if'n ya wont's to.

Chickie Momma said...

OOHMYGOODNESS Did you score Cuckoo Marans?? Oh wait - look at Farm Chick's comment... she is so on to my thoughts. Anyway, I'm jealous too, I TRIED to get some, but failed. Twice.

Guess they were meant for you - because we all know I can't have crazy chickens. haha!

Enjoy your new kitten - and I'll wait for a picture :)

Barb said...

Forget everything else and please send older daughter this way. We SO need some Lysol. I mean...we NEED IT.