Monday, June 23, 2008

Abducted By Aliens... Returned Unharmed

I'm not really sure what happened there... it's all a little hazy. Posting without words? Can you even IMAGINE that was me?

While I was on the little green mothership, here's what happened on our tiny farm:

The weather got really hot and muggy. The girls dug out their swimsuits and filled the sandbox with water and then took all my plasticware... here's a good reason not to get rid of your sippy cups... and had a huge water war or two. It was death by spray nozzle if they came near me or the baby as we lounged in my favorite vintage lawn furniture. The best moment was when Sarah inadvertently hit Gracie in the back with a cup full of water. Gracie spun around with every ounce of her just-turned-4 indignation to shout, "Hey! I's on YOUSE team! 'MEMBER?" I took bunches and bunches of pictures on the "action" mode of the loaner camera and got a lot of shots of empty lawn, because the girls are really fast.

I worked on a proposal for the company to buy me a new camera.

A nasty raccoon broke into my cute little chicken chalet and We raised those chicks from one day old. They were so very cute. I have many pictures of them, just like of all my babies, but I'm too heartbroken to post any photos now. The EGE worked many a weekend on the chalet, bending to my every whim as regarded the roosts, and security, ventilation, and aesthetics, etc. only to have one 40-pound rodent eat a very large dinner. I will spare you the wailing and gnashing of teeth but let you know that I have now moved on to being willing to shoot a gun.

I worked on a proposal for the company to buy me a new shotgun.

The EGE dug for me four more raised planting beds in my uber-cute new garden site. I had grossly underestimated my planting space needs (and I might have visited my favorite nursery). A neighbor (they're all so helpful) came over in the 90 degree heat to tell the EGE that his design looked just like an ancient Aztec planting system in which they buried gravel in the low spots and planted their whatever in the high spots, allowing the soil to warm quicker and I guess the water to reach the roots easier. My husband is much more patient than I; he listened and nodded and sweated while the neighbor chatted.

I worked on a proposal for the company to buy me a privacy fence.

We dropped off Madeleine at her first week-long sleep-away camp. Oh, the angst. And the eye rolling. The EGE spent the hour drive telling Madeleine it wasn't too late to change her mind; we'd turn right around if she was nervous or worried about being homesick. I'm pretty sure he was joking. Sarah spent the drive making a list of what to do while Madeleine is away. It's a good list, and it starts with eating as many beans as she wishes (the girls share a room, and this bean eating has been an issue). What a nut. Madeleine was completely unaffected by any of our behaviour. She skipped off to her cabin upon arrival, found a long-lost friend or three, and submitted grudgingly to my kisses goodbye.

I worked on a proposal for the company to buy me a longer summer.


Misty said...

Stupid Racoon!!!! find his children and slaughter them.
No. I am not serious. I don't believe in that... but ugh...

Ei said...

Ack on the 'coon..bastard vermin!

Ack on the camp and eye-rolling.

I have lots of pictures of space where my children had occupied moments before, I understand that too. I love the ones you posted too.

Chickie Momma said...

We spend too much time keeping shotguns in working order around here for just such visitors. I'm SO sorry to hear about your babies! I'd be devastated if a raccoon got to mine.

Love the on-the-way-to-camp conversations. We do NOT have conversations like that because we WANT our kids to want to be at camp. haha!!

I sent Madeleine a letter today... those girls are having a great week I can guarantee it!

Farm Chick said...

OH, for the love of eye-rolling and bastard vermin, can't we all just get along!

I am so sorry about the sorrowful state of your chicken raising. I must say that if I wasn't so dern greedy, ummm I mean attatched, I would give you a few of mine to raise.

I miss the girls already! Is that sick or what?!!?