Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh, Oh, Oh, Wednesday

The other day I was sitting in traffic, singing a little. Like, oh-oh-o-o-h, Wed-nehs-daay!

No reason.

Then I remembered people can see me acting like a cast member of Hairspray.

But who am I to turn all self-conscious and vain... when in front of me at the light, there's a much better reason to do the traffic stop double-take:

What do you think? Is this guy delivering his daughter's tap shoes or what? It makes me think abou the fact that every guy I dated (save the EGE, who stuck) rode a motorcycle and played the guitar. It was my M.O., dating-wise. Just not marriage-wise. Whew.

So, today: Coffee's in the house, weather's slightly overcast with a chance of beautiful, the girls are sleeping. Later today Sarah is having a friend over. Maddy's still at sleep-away camp. We haven't had any phone calls of doom, so I'd say it's going well.

Oh, oh, oh, wed-nehs-daay.

I have much proposal writing to do today, and a little goofing off. And a lot of Broadway-style singing to sneak in.


Becca said...

I think he's very sure of his manhood...(and possibly gay)

Farm Chick said...

WHEW! That is so stinkin' funneh!

Chickie Momma said...

HAHAH! You're hilarious!

Ei said...

Now why would you give that fabulousness to your child. I'm sure it is his. And I'll bet he watches Project Runway too. FIERCE.

Anonymous said...

okay that's too cute! i love it.. looks like a ... dad... lol.. my hubby is far more willing to carry girly things around now that he has 2 girls!

farm suite said...

We have four girls... and my husband says "it takes a bigger man to carry a pink diaper bag."

Barb said...

Oh, wow. I loved that picture! My husband used to make all of his single friends who came to stay with us go to Gymboree on Saturday mornings. "That'll make a man out of you."