Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flower Brigade

Can you imagine we're going to cut her hair next week? Is there anyone with a moment of silence for my selfish sadness?

Thursday was the last day of school. The girls enjoyed a field day in which every athletic event was rewarded with sugar. Do the limbo, get a donut. Run four laps of the track, have a popsicle. Three-legged races, pie for everyone. Pie eating contest (I'm not kidding), winners get more pie.

After the sugar crash, we all walked our country road with flowers they picked from my garden for the "neighbors."

We surprised a few grandmas on the road. My favorite was when one lovely octogenarian asked the girls very gingerly whether they pulled the Sweet Williams up out of her flowerbeds. As soon as she knew they were mine, she was delighted with the gift.

Then we lolled around on the porch of the Grange Hall for a while. Did you know the Grange is a members-only deal? I never knew that before. We're not members, but they still let us be lazy in the shady porch.

It was hot, so we had some ice cream before I started to mull over dinner choices. Sarah had a friend over so I felt the pressure to cook something memorable. Then a miracle happened when pizza was delivered. (Our nearest pizza parlor is 23 miles away.) A neighbor had a big function at work, and thought our family would appreciate a leftover whole pizza pie. We did!

A rousing game of BINGO followed by very competitive Connect Four in one corner and Chess in the other rounded out the first night of summer vacation.

I do so love my life.


Chickie Momma said...

HOORAY FOR SUMMER BREAK! I have been waiting for this day for MONTHS now... and, the house is a mess. The dishes aren't done. And I have more slave labor than ever before! Woohoo! Ok, so tomorrow isn't going to be pretty, but we're gonna straighten up a LOT!

Barb said...

I can understand your need for a moment of silence. I did the locks of love thing myself last year in the name of a friend with terminal brain cancer. I needed to do SOMETHING and there wasn't anything I could do for him, you know? My hair was down my back and you know, it's my one beauty. But it had to be done. It's growing back now because I haven't found a place to get it cut up here in New Yawk.

Her hair will grow back and meanwhile, she'll have a summer cut which means YOU'LL have less hair to care for. (Well, okay, I'm projecting. Your girls probably brush their own hair and with a minimal screaming. They probably even WASH it themselves AND get all the soap out.

Yeah, okay, big moment of silence from over here.)

Thanks for the reminder to remember all I love about my life. Been a little down in the dumps lately. XOX --Barb

Farm Chick said...

OH my heart is breaking! Summer break AND big hair cuts! It just goes to show that our kids are getting older and older

Crap! So are we!!! BOooHooo.....