Friday, June 6, 2008

The Missing Mystery Notebook

Today's blog title, courtesy of Madeleine.

My 9-year-old daughter wrote a chapter book, as I mentioned. Yesterday she read it at a schoolwide author's presentation. The real mystery is when did she learn this stuff? Foreshadowing. Recurring themes. Snappy dialogue. A moral, and a redemptive ending, for Pete's sake.

Miss Sarah also favored us with a reading of her lately published non-fiction booklet on the subject of Polar Bears. The audience was enthralled with her compilation of little-known (to second-graders, and okay, me too) facts. "During the course of my research..." she began. What 7-year-old talks like that?

We can pretend (if you want to play along) that I'm objective. Or not.

It might be kinda wrong if I wasn't all puffed up, right? Wrong? Right.

I am so excited for the summer. It isn't very cool of me, I know. I should feign some harried motherhood dread about having all four kids in the house and yard and Suburban all the long, hot, cranky days of the season. But give me a minute with my joy, why doncha? I'm bound to whine at you later, and you're welcome to say you told me so.


Farm Chick said...

Just to get this out of the way:

'Cuz I am sassy like that.

I can't wait for all the fun days of summer;lounging in your back yard, snuggled around the fire pit and family movie nights.

Ah, summer.......

Misty said...

That's awesome!
Something about having a parent who writes and reads religiously... I don't know... :P

But yay! And yes, you have a right...