Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Look! Just there beyond the brambly wild roses... it's some irrigation, and then further out a dinky Century farmhouse, and beyond that some hilly treed country. I'm telling you, there's some perspective to be gained by driving the back way.

That perspective is hard to see in the picture. Maybe a telephoto lens woulda helped. A thousand words are worth a picture, right?

I'm not supposed to tease about the DSLR of my dreams anymore, and since I am now declaring a year of Contentment and Hope (I promise that's not contradictory), it's okay that I'm using a camera on loan from the EGE's office. In fact, I am blessed to have the office lend me a camera when I have droppedeth my own. One of these days my grateful attitude will surely earn for me the camera of my dreams. But I'm not angling. Nope.

Because... today is National Splurge Day. I did not make this up in a pathetic attempt to justify my ice cream habit. It's right there on my calendar, so you know it's official.

National Splurge Day. What shall we do with this?

I already spent my mystery money on camp for the girls. Sigh. So splurging will have to be of the frugal variety.

Food is out, due to excessive splurging throughout pregnancy. Shopping is out, due to aforementioned million dollar camps. Plus I hate to go shopping.

I know! I know! I'll read blogs all day.


Ei said...

That drive sounds like a wonderful splurge to me. :) Blog reading too.

I splurged on Happy Meals for the unhappy one at my house, does that count?

Misty said...

That is indeed a splurge. National splurge day? SAD!

Farm Chick said...

OH the picture of Miss G in the swing is the most adorable!

I am so glad that you splurged and spent the day with me and my mess!

You are a true friend!