Friday, August 1, 2008

this little piggy

This little piggy went to market. All the time as retail therapy. But now she lives in the boondocks and it is well documented that buying $50 worth of gasoline to make a splurge purchase or two is too depressing and thus requires real therapy. And this little piggy's friends are tired of being free therapists.

This little piggy stayed home. A lot and went a little nuts with the four children and the accompanying neighborhood children and the animals pooping inconveniently and the garden and the laundry pile being so needy and all. So she decided to adopt a blog, and then this little piggy had something to do (that approximated free therapy) while the laundry pile grew.

This little piggy ate brown rice. Because she was raised vegetarian and is now (happily for 16 years) married to a meat-eating man who wears Wranglers. Then all that meat and potatoes (and pregnancy and blog reading) led to the necessity of joining Mrs. G's newest project. Mrs. G is unbelievably brave and a beacon of hope for this little piggy as she faces her late 30s realizing with great wisdom that the 40s are right after that.

This little piggy had none. Because even brown rice is called fattening if you load it up with Yum sauce and cheese and avocados and follow it with ice cream for dessert. Also, this little piggy saw a hugely unflattering photo of herself on her friend KL's blog and does not need to post any worse picture in order to feel super-motivated to motivate. She also can't believe she just linked to that photo, but in the spirit of coming clean and sharing the two readers she has with her good real-life friend, she decided to be a brave little piggy and blow the house down (while mixing her fairy tales).

This little piggy went whee, whee, whee all the way home. Because there is a big humongous hill to climb to get to the track above the school above her country church-turned-home. And climbing that hill will likely, if done repeatedly while pushing a double jogger, gain her the 5K patootie this little piggie is after. So coming back down the hill this little piggy decided that more ice cream (just a little of the skinny cow variety?) was in order.


HonuGirl said...

awww... you are so inspiring!! That's what friends are for... {photos & all} =)

Agent K said...

I should post a REALLY bad picture of you and then you would have something to whine about...hehe.

This little piggy needs roastbeef...or chocolate.

Chickie Momma said...

Hehehe! I didn't think the photo was bad at ALL! But then I've been critiquing my OWN way too much - and my first goal is probably somewhere near your size. LOL!!