Monday, August 18, 2008

Bad News First

First, I know you're all waiting with bated breath (please, y'all, stop with the "baited" breath, because it makes me think someone was eating worms)...

So I know you're all anxiously awaiting with bated breath the book review, the title of which I can't remember because it's been so long since the Suburban Correspondent randomly selected me to fruitlessly check my post office box every day.

I have now officially decided to review another book, and it's a doozy. Since literature was my second honors major (just have to sneak in a little self-aggrandizement since I am now The Carrier of the Diaper Wipes Slash Wiper of Diapered Hind Ends)... anywhoo, since I love literature so much, and I know y'all do TOO, I thought I'd review:

The American Girl's book about what to expect from puberty. A-hem. We've been reading it around here. So... review tomorrow. For now, I will proceed with what I know is on the top of your mind:

What the heck has Miriam been doing? Where has she been? Can't she even post a little update so we know she didn't fall down in the horse paddock and never return to blog again?

Okay then. The bad news is that my book from the SC never arrived. I think she doesn't like me. Or else the postmistress doesn't like me. Or else the postmistress is reading the book and getting crumbs in it just like she does with my MaryJane's Farm magazine. I hate that.

The worse news is that "they" have screwed up my trail mix. A girl goes away for a couple of days and returns to find banana chips and peanuts defiling her trusty favorite pseudo healthy snack. WHAT NEXT?! I might turn around and find that I am now homeschooling my super-active, academically inquisitive children, leaving me next to no time to blog. Gack. The madness must end at all costs.

The good news?

I just returned from a photography expedition to the coast. Blogger won't upload my pictures tonight but I promise I took more than 400 foggy and watery treasures. And a few hundred more of my 7-month-old traveling companion.


Barb said...

Oh yeah, we read that one, too.

I'm not scarred for life and this twitch should go away by the time she's in grad school.

Barb said...

PS: I appreciate your masterful use of the word, "Y'all."

And so WITH you on the "baited" thing.

Mrs. G. said...

I'll be back to check out those pictures.

Mrs. G. said...
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Agent K said...

Wow! I must have used that baited thing way too much cuz I was gone fishin' for too long.

I am sooo happy for you and your camera. *sniff*