Monday, August 11, 2008

PVC Clothesline With [Sexy] Farmgirl Sewing Feedsacks

Alternate title: If You Googled In For Help, I'm So Sorry

In this post I will try to ignore the strange search words that brought a few readers to my blog this past week. The only one that alarms me is the one in brackets. I hope that yahoo wasn't too disappointed.

Imagine, really, if you were looking for a way to build a clothesline and you happened (googled) upon one of my rambling thank-you notes to my engineery husband. You might find yourself disappointed. Or you might find yourself a new secret obsession in spying on the mother of four trying to get all the clothes dry and dishes washed without too much use of modern-day conveniences. Just because she's tired of carpooling to gymnastics, actually.

And I know it doesn't make sense. That's why they call it a non sequitur. It's not to sound Latin and smarter than us, it's to say those syllables and feel a tad tipsy with the Qs and the Ts so squished together-like. Try it.

*** Now that you've done that, I think I'll link to the time I sewed a feedsack into a bookbag. And the time the Eng-Gen-Eer (inside, dumb pocket-protector joke which I may never find inspiration to explain on this blog) spent an entire kid-free weekend pouring concrete for the neighbor's inadequately protected water shut-off valve.... And the time he set up a clothesline for me, indeed using a bit of PVC, but not too much, because it's unsightly. And because my galvanized clothesdryer thingy was free, so he didn't have to use materials to build one.

There have been some legitimate how-to posts on this here farmblog, including where I explained how to achieve farmbling, ala KL's barn. Also, once I (okay, more than once) detailed painstakingly how to freak out over what to wear to town, only to accidentally expose yourself to the pediatrician. Not to mention how to avoid arrest by airport police. Or, my personal favorite, how to get perfect strangers in a cafe to put your baby to sleep and then give you advice on how to tell a two-day-old hen from rooster. If I were a real how-to blogger, I might know even how to find that particular post.

But you see, I'm evidently not a how-to blogger. Maybe you are. Would you like to apply for my job? It doesn't pay anything but it's kinda fun.

Lately I've teamed up with some other homesteading women (Doesn't that sound Romantic? Not in a weird way, but like a PBS or English Lit 103 way?) to try to spread a little how-to love (not "how to love," silly, "how-to" love. The hyphen does make a difference. I promise.) around the blogosphere. I don't really know anyone who'd like to know how to live as we do. In fact, all of those people are probably too big into backyard chickens to waste time on the Internet.

Speaking of chickens! We are now getting four eggs a day with regularity.

Must post chicken picture:

The black speckled one is a Cochin. The pretty one is Sarah, and she's a Chickadee.

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Chickie Momma said...

I don't know about the rest of ya, but I have learned a few things around here! In particular - how to write completely random stuff and have it sound intelligent. hahaha