Friday, August 15, 2008

Leaning Tower of Corn That Was

Okay, so there's no corn in that silo. Also you may note it has no roof.
Where have all the silos gone? (Next I'll break into song.)
And brace yourself, I feel a little bit like posting another "time passes too quickly" ramble. Or not.
This week we decided to homeschool the girls. (Final answer, Regis.) This is huge because, you know, I can from this point forward no longer blame any lame-o school district for whatever happens. It'll be me and the kitchen table.
And the girls. Oh, yeah, the girls. And a lot of The Well Trained Mind. It's a book; I'm not describing myself. Clearly.

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Becca said...

thats a huge decision. thinking all the positive thoughts i can muster for successful teaching!