Monday, August 4, 2008

Behind The Eight Ball

Yes, I'm aware my lettuce looks like dandelion leaves. It is actually baby Romaine that just got really tall. Maybe it was mislabeled (the girls started a bunch of lettuce seeds). Or maybe we ate dandelion greens. Anyway it was yummy with some creamy Caesar dressing.

And those strange round summer squash? "Eight ball zucchini." Growing up, we used to take the traditional zucchini that got too big and play ball with them... you know, as bats for an impromptu game of garden tomato ball. That got us in a little trouble because my mom liked to use those things as, you know, food.

Now we can grow round zucchini and stuff them with ricotta cheese and tomatoes and mushrooms:

Just scoop out the insides, chop it up, mix it with whatever you'd stuff into manicotti, and bake it in an oven-proof bowl for about 45 minutes. Then grate some fresh parmesan on it and remember, let your husband take a picture of it because you are busy putting the baby to bed.

I also am a big fan of lemon cukes. No photos, but they're round and yellow and not as bitter as regular cucumbers can be.

And this whole post? Just trying to keep up with Farmer Barb. Also, trying to keep myself blogging while waiting for Suburban Correspondent to ship me a book to review. I'm sure it's the post office's fault. Or else she had to mail it and remail it from multiple states so I wouldn't stalk her. Or ELSE she's busy weeding her organic garden plot, trying to figure out how to mail me some bragadocious produce along with the book. You never know.


Chickie Momma said...

I'm thinking that whoever decided to get those baseball sized zucchini growing must have known that there were already some on the way that we use for bats!?! You've got a set of sporting equipment growing out there... and you didn't even know it! What fun!

I too, love lemon cukes, and WAY back somewhere in my posting I had about a 90 starts. Want to know what I have now? Three plants. THREE!! THREE??? Yes, I think someone prematurely weeded that row or something. They're just Not there. *sigh* But at least I have three plants :)

Barb said...

So, um, (I'm typing with one hand because I am eating yet another tomato sandwich. With LIGHT mayo as I try to regain my girlish figure. HAHAHAHA.) did you, by any chance at all, get anything from ME in the mail?

Not to steal SC's thunder or anything, although I do note that she still hasn't reviewed MY book. Not that I'm bitter. It's hard to be bitter when I'm eating my own homegrown tomatoes.

Amydeanne said...

wow, that's a pretty neat zuccini, we always make zucchini boats when we get a chance! all my plants died this year, so none for us! :(

Happy Anniversary!! I'm not to far behind you, we'll be 14 years this year, but 16 years together! :)

Agent K said...

"Bragadicious"??? Man the words around the blogOsphere....

I hope the SC sends me my book some day too. It'll be October before I have any produce to brag about. My life is so dull and boring right now...I just don't know what to do with ma-sef.


Toni said...

Yum-O! Another great recipe while I'm trying to go grain-free. Unfortunately, I have never, ever, ever seen round zucchini. I will try it boat-fashion. Thanks for the delicious idea.