Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lucky Pants And Sunglasses, Check

Don't click away yet!

It's an excerpt (!) from my farmier blog, and you should pop over there to read all about how to back up a horse trailer without jack-knifing. There really is a how-to element, and it involves calling your husband and then thinking of calling your girlfriend who drives to horsey events all the time. Go ahead, read here for the teaser and then click over. But click back. Because I have Sarah's camp wrap-up and Laura pictures too.


There's what happened when I tried to back up straight. Oh. Not so straight, you say? We shouldn't see the whole side of the trailer like that if we're going straight? That's not the barn behind the trailer at all?! Fret not. We will not hit the lovely fence on the other side. Nay, we will not hit the expensive remote control gate opener thingy either. (For more farmgirl driving wisdom written in the Royal We, click here.)


Now, back to your regularly scheduled Suite blog:

When you're the second daughter in a four-girl family, it is very difficult to do things no one has done before. Sarah chooses to attack this challenge by doing them with so much flair that it's impossible to confuse her with her older sister.

For example, her recently discovered fashionista sunglasses habit followed her to camp. Note the lucky pants, ever present as well:

The girl can rock a camp cabin. Unlike Madeleine, she was completely unaffected by the prospect of being without me. I even made her that cute vintage floral stuffsack for her sleeping bag in a pathetic attempt to remind her that no one loves her or dotes on her as well as her mommy dearest. Yeah, sewing guilt. I've sunk that low. But it doesn't count because she didn't even notice.

Maybe because it's hard to feel guilty when you're in the presence of beauty like this. And the lucky pants, of course.

We missed Sarah a lot when she was at sleep-away camp. Madeleine went to spend the night at her friend's house, and then she had a sleepover at our house, and then she went to another sleepover, and so basically Gracie and Laura had me to themselves. Gracie didn't miss the girls at all actually. She became a tiny drill sergeant, ordering me to play Connect Four and Dora Bingo and Hi-Ho Cherrio and house until I was ready to drop with exhaustion. Was I really that much younger before I had big girls to play with the little girls?

So to continue our sister difference theme, Maddy was so tired at the end of her camp that she couldn't crack a smile. All she wanted to do was make like a bandit for Sweet Life Patisserie and a quiet ham-and-swiss on croissant with me. Sarah, on the other hand, was jazzed up and so freaked-out happy that she forgot to put her sunglasses on or to make a big deal about all the pictures I took.

In fact, she has a new affinity for the camera. She took a whole roll of film photos while at camp and has been playing with my broken digital camera ever since. She took this promised photo of Laura (and me):

Tomorrow? Check the sidebar for a picture of me. I'm going to let Sarah chronicle my little corner of the 5K project on Wednesdays.


Agent K said...

OH...lucky pants. Wish I had some.

For the love of Pete, do we really have to do this weight loss thing, really? I mean...why can't we just learn to love ourselves as we are? Oh, who am I kidding!

I need chocolate!

Misty said...

i love the lucky pants and the sunglasses!!!!