Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday's Word (Be Still)

This morning I had a little Monday-esque fun, which was a bonus since it's Wednesday already. We are getting ready to take Sarah to sleep-away camp and I am drinking my eighth cup of coffee. No spiking allowed because I have to drive an hour one way to get her delivered... speaking of delivery, her original delivery was 14 hours long and I am not getting any points for that. Still.

In the middle of washing her sleeping bag and camp clothes, the power went out. As I clearly should have expected, it being the middle of July with no wind or snow or storm-like power-outage-causing phenomenon. So she may go to camp with a new wardrobe and sleeping bag. Yay.

Then the nice people who rent our former home from us -- you know, the one I never wanted to leave -- they called to say the downstairs bathroom ceiling has collapsed. They're sorry they didn't mention anything sooner, it just seemed like a little leak under the upstairs tub. Um, yeah, my beloved clawfoot tub that we had installed just before deciding to move to the country. That one.

So I decided to go on battery power (for the laptop) and upload this Word for Wednesday (which is much more powerful than a battery :)):

Psalm 46:10. It's a good one. Also, if you're looking for more encouragement today, be sure to click over to Amy Deanne at the 160 acre woods.


Amydeanne said...

ack about the bathtub! That's crazy! (and claw foot.. i'm drooling at the thought)

and 8 cups of coffee.. I'm behind be a few.. but not much lol.

You've done one of my favorite verses !

Agent K said...

whew! Thank heavens the power came back on!

Have fun getting ready for a WHOLE day (all of the work and only half the time, why do we bother??) without Miss S. Can't wait to show her my mad skillz in the craft session tomorrow..har,har.

Nicely done with the words on the photo! I knew you could do it!

Hip chick's happy home said...

Oh that is such a pretty place. Perfect for being still.

Nancie said...

Lovely picture and very encouraging verse! Thank God that no matter what we go through we can be still and know He is in control. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. Blessed WFW!

Denise said...

Such a lovely picture and verse.

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Oh, no! Not a clawfoot. And of course they never said anything. Sounds like expensive and time consuming structural repairs are ahead.

Appropriate Word-Filled Wednesday too.

Best of luck with all the activity juggling and may you find some peace and stillness soon.

Toni said...

This is the scripture I quote the most, to myself. I love it.

Toni said...
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