Saturday, November 8, 2008

One Day At A Time

We had some rare fairy sightings at the farm this week.

I don't think fairies worry about the future much.

Napping in the kitchen sunlight is cure for whatever concerns they might have.

A few wings.

I think this will fly.

Fairies appreciate a little wardrobe help every once in a while. Grape and Big Leaf Maples are some favorite fall choices.

Ahoy there! We have discovered a likely scenario for the indoor fairy festival. Madeleine and her trusty sidekick Zoe discovered a PIRATE HEAD in Fairyland. The fairies evidently took care of the threat but then retreated in the farmhouse for good measure.

Just a little Laura telling the cats not to bother the fairies either.

That's right, shake a stick (leaf) at your problems.

That's where the fairies live most of the time. We were surprised by the visit, but so glad to be reminded of the fleeting magic that is all around us.
Who needs to worry about tomorrow?


Katie said...

My mothers favourite song when I was growing up was 'One day at a time'. I started singin' it right away...
One day at a time, sweet Jesus.

I love the fairy Pirate head!

Ei said...

Funny because the very first thing I thought of was this..

Your daughters are lovely. It's no wonder the fairies come to visit them!

Alexis said...

Precious fairies!! I love Grace's "shaking a leaf" at apparently EVERYTHING... hehe! Too cute!