Monday, November 10, 2008

National Scrabble Day

I just made that up.

Is anyone aware of an actual National Scrabble Day? Because that's a nonsense holiday I could get behind.

Here's something else to get behind:

My 9-year-old is driving. This weekend she learned to drive the lawn tractor and she had the audacity to do it when I was inside. I just barely hustled myself out there in time for a photo.

It's good to know that even though she's driving, she's still firmly planted in childhood:
Oh, yeah, and the dog thinks falling leaves are a huge threat to Suite security. An actual threat is greeted with a lot of slobber, but the leaves get a full fang treatment.

The rest of our weekend on the farm was a little bit tradition and a little bit groundbreaking.

For the traditional part, we made chocolate chip cookie dough:

As soon as the dough was done, Sarah, of course, had to ask: "Are you going to make cookies too?"
Madeleine said it was against the law to eat cookie dough. Then she revised her statement upon realizing how easily that could be refuted. She said that she had meant that it was unhealthy. Sheesh.
For the groundbreaking part, Madeleine had her first-ever competitive sports event.

I'm going to pause a moment for some well-earned tears over the passage of time. You go right ahead reading.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Love the expression on her face while she's "driving"... looks like she's got the road rage snarl down pat.

Katie said...

Holy smokes, how time flies when your DRIVING!

Andrea said...

I love that she is driving!! I can't wait for my oldest to start mowing the lawn. And I love the dog with the leaves. Priceless!!

Amydeanne said...

lol i don't know if i'd want to be behind her, how fast does she drive? lol.. i suppose better than infront so i don't get run over! lol

national scrabble day, you know i've actually heard of that! lol i've been making my scrabble jewelry to celebrate! (ummm ya.. that's why)

raw cookie dough.. mmmmmmmmmmm i'm hungry now..

Mrs. G. said...

National Scrabble Day is a holiday I can get behind. What a fun place your house looks like.