Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day Off

My husband took this photo for me. To give me a day off. I said, "I've committed to blogging every day this month."

He said, "Give me credit and you can use one of my awesome pictures."

Okay, he didn't say anything like that.

I just stole the picture and decided y'all might like to see it today. (Is stealing a photo from your husband really stealing? Or is it like endorsing the back of his paycheck in order to put it in the bank? You know, they should do a power of attorney along with the marriage vows. Just a thought.)

Speaking of everyone else working so I don't have to... my good friend from Katie's Calamities has been sprucing things up around here for me. Isn't she great?


Katie said...

Really a day off?? It sounds mysterious. What is it? Never heard of it before, can you enlighten me?

Amydeanne said...

i love that picture! it's great! and a day off.. i've been debating take a week off or something... lol.. someday... lol

Barb said...

It looks so great. I mean, it REALLY looks great. I'm thinking about redoing my blog when I hit 100,000 visits... But, of course, I don't even know HOW.

Misty said...

it looks great! and I can comment now... even better. woohoo

Alexis said...

Looks stunning!
I think you should take a day off... it's called: SCHEDULED POST my dear!

But no, really, don't take a day off because then I'd have nothing to read.

Starshine said...

Katie is a new blog buddy of mine! your blog looks great, and I like your hubby's pic, too. :)

Katie said...

I AM a DORK! Thanks for the props!

HonuGirl said...

love the new "do" =) very nice!

i'm feeling the blahs hit my blog page... was searching for a new look hmmm... Hello -- any helpful hints for a new blog chic?