Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It Never Fails

Is there anything like a longtime friend? (You know, I had typed "old friend," but we have potentially reached the age where that is no longer as flattering as I'd like.)

Is there anything like a friend who knew you before your husband was even in the picture? Who knew you when you worried more about your social life than your budget?

I submit, there is nothing like a longtime friend.

Many of our friends at this stage in our life revolve around our lives with children and/or work. This is a wonderful set of friends and acquaintances! We've loved getting to know fellow parents and business associates. It's great to have people whose lives mirror your own in some small way.

But the friends who were there when you learned how to drive? If they're still around when you're driving carpool, count yourself blessed.

Over the weekend I added a leaf to my Thankful Tree. I am ever-so-thankful for my longtime friend Carolyn. We were laughing (together, I think?) on Sunday over how, in high school, she was such a good girl, and I had quite possibly an undeserved reputation as a good girl!

Get this: she stopped by my house to help me. There was some sort of story about her sons (AMAZING teenage boys who give me hope for the future) needing to do some community service for extra credit in a class. Can you imagine? I never felt so inadequate and grateful at the same time. Ever.

She didn't even know about the Great Hip Injury. It's a little embarrassing, folks. Two years ago I broke my, um, tailbone in a bad horseback riding accident. I was laid up, as they say, for a couple of weeks. And it was Carolyn doing my dishes and entertaining me with jokes and stories until more than my funny bone hurt. It's actually cruel to make a person with cracked ribs laugh. Did you know that?

Anyway, as though the longtime friend radar were pinging, Carolyn and her wonderful sons made the drive to the boondocks to help me on Sunday. The boys gave my husband a MUCH-NEEDED break from indoor duties by helping him erect a dog kennel and some neat-o wooden compost bins. Carolyn stayed inside and played Legos with Grace between DOING MY DISHES and FLOORS.

I am so grateful to know her still after more than 20 years of cracking up. Literally and figuratively.

I think I'll add a little glitter to that Thankful Leaf.


Hip update on Friday after the Chief of Staff (dun-dun-dunnnn) looks at me. Specifically, at my hip. Man, I wish I'd been doing a better job with Mrs. G's Derfwad Manor A$$ Challenge.


Alexis said...

Oh friends like that are simply priceless! I keep a very small collection of them, and you know what? I couldn't live without them!! I hope I AM one of those friends to others.

I'm feeling VERY sympathetic about your hip. (As I sit here with a suddenly frozen shoulder again, and a brand new cold to keep me company!!) Say, did you want a fresh new header? I've got nothing else to do but moan and carry on with ya. Shoot me an email or sumthin.

Katie said...

You lucky ducky (the kitchen help, not the gimpy hip)

Carolyn is such a sweet heart...can you tell her that I could use the boys for some community service, I have leaves that need raked. :)