Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter and a new day

The Lenten rose is still blooming.

And I keep trying to get a picture of all five children. At church. With impossible backlighting.

At Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Where even the 3-year-old despairs the photo session.

Mr. Suite thinks the soggy back yard is the perfect spot.
Too bad we didn't get out the tripod and include him right in front of me!

Don't my buff-colored shoes make me look barefoot? Gah.

And my untucked blouse, rumpled sweater, fresh from nursing the baby? Perfect.

Doesn't Laura look resigned to a day of all pictures, no candy? Manoman.

Doesn't Gracie's goofball face make you sigh? Me too.

Doesn't Sarah telegraph her exhaustion? Poor beleagured models all.

Doesn't the fact that Salvador is actually barefoot bother you? Bleh.
Baby will shed his socks and shoes at every opportunity!

Madeleine alone stands ready for a portrait.

I think the memories, frankly, are way better than the pictures.

We had a blessed Easter. How about you?


Katie said...

Only took a few photos and relaxed the day away...it was wonderful.

no spring chicken said...

For all of your critiques, I think that you all look fabulous... What a lovely family!

Blessings, Debbie

Amy M said...

I love you and all your gorgeous brood! I also love this picture. You look the Madonna (not the singer) in this. Just gorgeous woman/mother. All your babes are precious. I love your bloggity voice. Makes me smile every. single. time.

Alexis said...

This is pretty much an adorable, REAL picture. My favorite kind :)