Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ragout of a post

I'm working on the canned ham rejuvenation. Bit by bit it's coming together. My wonderful husband and amazing father-in-law "upcycled" a neighbor's deck that was otherwise headed for the burn pile and now it's the perfect landing pad for my awning poles this summer. Also? The girls moved right in with their Breyer barns and model horses. They didn't want to wait for the pressure washing. They may have come by that impatience honestly. See that red and yellow galvanized tub in the right foreground? I planted that dumpster treasure (yes, I mortified my husband and children on a recent dump run by asking another dump patron for his 'trash') full of sugar snap peas and buttercrunch lettuce. I didn't want to wait for the pressure washing either! My plans for Valentino are that it be not only a writing spot for me but a tiny guest cottage, if you will. The family plans are that it could also be a changing room for the wading pool! And the deck? Can pull double duty as a stage for summer backyard concerts. Who knew how much joy this little work in progress could bring? I am excited to show you my reupholstery and paint projects as they continue. And put your reservations in now because I'd love to host you in the canned ham cottage! My house is just steps away and the country quiet is intoxicating (unless of course the children are laughing and playing outside of course!). Meanwhile, elsewhere in the yard, a few violets decided we were never going to get to all the leaves and braved the springtime anyway.

Our indoor seedlings were this size when I took the pictures... and six inches tall when I uploaded those pictures!
We're still studying geography and culture of many lands. In the past few weeks we have batiked fabric for saris, handwoven colorful Mexican sashes, and embellished Austrian vests and hats. Grace can finally name and identify her continents... I wish we knew a continent memory song that flirts around at the back of my mind but never settles in well enough to teach it! Does anyone have an idea of this song or did I make it up in my famously imaginative memory?
The giant yellow daffodils are slowly giving way to a flurry of fragrant paperwhites. They are so beautiful! I wish that particular scent of paperwhites and mown grass could be bottled.

And of course bread still needs to be baked. Those sad little lumps of dough become an everyday miracle of their own. I am recognizing more of those serendipitous moments and household beauties, the more I look.

You too?


Vickie said...

mmmmmmmmm...I can smell that bread baking. Beautiful pics! Take Care :)

Alexis said...

Love love love looooove paperwhites! (And your canned ham, and your deck, and your "trash" turned into treasure) Matter of fact, I pretty much just love all of it :)

Margo said...

I just love your canned ham! Can't wait to see more of the projects inside. It gives me the feeling of a little fairy house, or a gypsy caravan, or making my own little place in the backyard with scraps when I was a child. Lovely.

Katie said...

I love it-all of it. I especially have my eye on a particular little knick-knack in the bread picture...What is the little thing with the chicken on it?

Also, what you need is Geography Songs. They are awesome and they 'prolly have them at the library. :)

Kelly said...

Hi Miriam - I am enjoying reading your blog immensely. At the MVWW meeting they talked about the importance of voice; well you definitely have that. I felt as if I was sitting at a kitchen table with you having a cup of tea and listening to your stories. Lovely. Great photos, too. I will definitely be back.

Miri said...

oh, the cute little hand painted butter bell on the counter... may it rest in peace... whyohwhy can't i keep a butter bell intact?