Monday, April 4, 2011

Front porch barefootin' bliss

A little bug hunting...
...picture snapping.... happiness.
Over the amazingly sunny weekend (spring! sprung!) my sweet husband and my wonderful father-in-law put a puttering deck in front of my Valentino canned ham trailer. What? You've not needed a deck on which to putter? I know. I am spoiled.


I potted some flowers. I considered painting but thought better of it.


I sewed a skirt for Sarah while I enjoyed having front and back doors wide open so I wouldn't miss a breeze.


We mowed, finally. ("We" is that famous royal we which consists mainly of me drinking sun tea and my husband providing the fresh mown grass aroma.)


We were fortunate to purchase a flute and a clarinet for two deserving and grateful budding musicians. .

And we released all the ladybugs we caught.


A good weekend was had by all?


BLD in MT said...

I had a little barefoot happiness this weekend myself. I'm not convinced spring has truly sprung here yet, but I was to eager to wait!

Alexis said...

Your words pretty much summed up my weekend... well, at least the part about bare-footed kiddos, and sitting around drinking something yummy while the Hubster mowed the grass :D I'll check back for more pics!

Paula said...

Beautiful pictures... and it sounds like a winner of a weekend!

Katie said...

The weather was amazing and grass filled. There was much barefooted mud stomping and tea sipping too.