Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cats and Dolls, only decidedly not on Broadway

Sometimes I want to feel anonymous. I live in the country;

I enjoy my serving of solitude with a side of going to town or at least going on the internet.

But sometimes I want to know someone's reading. Anyone?

In some of my pictures you can tell where we live

but most often I crop them just so to obscure our location.

Cropping is the only photo editing I know how to do.

Beyond my picket in the top photo you can glimpse ... the (in)famous underground house and the dear little red school. There's Chester Cheese, whom I have been trying without success to rename "Charles Dickens," on his way to visit the forest behind the school. I hear there're mice in them there woods.
And if you'll go with me for a moment of melancholy?

There's my baby's last year of little girlhood, right there,

with a view of the church that's also across the road.

We live in the middle of nowhere and the middle of everything.

We play tea parties with our dolls.
We obsess about that twisted post on the garden fence more than is healthy.
Chester still won't answer to "Charles."
Nor "Dickens." He thinks, in fact, he's camo cat among the fallen cherry branches.
Some daffodils still remain and the weeds flourish.
And Salvador's learning to drive. As all ten-month babies do.

Was your weekend wonderful? Do you have any tips on renaming a cat?

Or possibly on the subject of rural socialization problems among homeschooling mothers?

Hmm, now there's a subject for further consideration....


Abbi said...

I love your pictures. It looks like your are quite a bit further into Spring than we are. The grass looks so lush.

BLD in MT said...

What wonderful photography! Beautiful scenery and children!

CaraDD said...

Let the stocking begin!! I can tell where you live and will be there to do something interesting, sometime that is convenient. Great pictures of all.

Toni said...

I am definitely here, loving your blog, watching for it every day.

Katie said...

Hellloo? I am here! Where are you?

Ei said...

I always read m'dear. I think your posts always sort of make me sit back and sigh...and once I've done that I'm sort of useless at commenting. You make me wistful for some stuff my life missed.

Anonymous said...

I, too, obsess about (everything - silly things in the yard to silly things in the house) more than is healthy and too, enjoy your words. -Sarah

Amy M said...

I'm reading! And I *adore* your bloggity-blog! and you as well, of course. xoxo A
(and just because Iknow you are dying to know this little captcha word is "fessupel")