Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cinderella in rubber boots

This photo pretty much sums up our life.

We're a little hobby farm... and we try at every turn to inject some comfort, luxury, 'suite' life amongst the gardening and ponies and general country muddiness that spring brings.

We're a little family of seven living large with love.

We're wearing our tulle and our rainboots

and running down the road to visit the neighbor.

We're building a bunny grooming station

and in our spare time making a Spanish-language, just-for-fun ripoff of "Monopolio"
in which, as chance may have it, you could fall off your burro and owe 200 pesos to the doctor.

We're spilling an entire box of cocoa powder and running for the camera instead of crying.

We're staying up late on school nights.

Because we can.

We're going to bed early with books.

Because we want to.

I'm linking up to {pretty, happy, funny, real} if I can remember to do so. (Look. I remembered. I could not, however, manage to make Like Mother Like Daughter's beautiful button work.
Blame me, not the button.)

I just love that: "context of contentment in everyday life." You should too.

And I just love life.

You should too.

Not that I want to boss you or anything.

I have five children. I have enough people to boss.

I'm good with that.


Anne R Triolo said...

tulle and rain boots! fantastic!

For a large portion of my childhood I was barefoot or in rubbers. I can still remember the odd feeling of putting on my Sunday shoes.

Holly said...

Oh, how precious!

Abby said...

Love it! My girls also live in their princess dresses and rain boots--above all else we Must Be Elegant even on a farm that is entirely mud.

~the ten of us~ said...

'We're spilling an entire box of cocoa powder and running for the camera instead of crying.'

Love that line! That is where we are at, just this weekend one of my uncles was laughing at how my first response to any mess or things the children get into, I always say, 'Quick someone grab the camera'

There are plenty of opportunities to grab the camera around here. Life is great!!


Mama Bear, JD said...

awesome! sweet! Amen! I love every word!

Katie said...

That pic of Laura make me laugh and cry.

Putting together a PHFR post of my own. Thanks for inspiring me.

BLD in MT said...

: ) Great post.

no spring chicken said...

Simply wonderful! I love your simple list of joy... and of course the tiara and the tutu!

Blessings, Debbie

no spring chicken said...

Okay, not really a tiara and a tutu. Tulle and rain boots. I must have been thinking of my little princesses oh so long ago...

Blessings, Debbie