Monday, December 13, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Gee. Where's that Miriamblogger been?
Watching snowflakes fall.

Baking a rustic pie (or a dozen).

Thinking about the gardening (quilting, gift-making, you-name-it) that didn't get done.

It is ever so much more edifying to think of what we have accomplished:

The big girls had a couple of music performances this month.
One with the whole band
and one just the two Suite musicians
at the Grange hall's Christmas banquet.
Oh? And also? We got a piano! More music to follow.

We've been sewing.
Madeleine and Sarah and I are participating in a hand-quilting class on Monday nights.
In addition I have some crazy amazing projects in my new secret sewing corner.
I thought briefly about being all together-like and blogging the various
cuter-than-cute projects but we'd hate to spoil Christmas surprises
for any readers who also happen to be friends in real life.

We've been partying with friends and family.
Madeleine turned 12 and invited 24 friends to her party. She goes big, that one.
We sang carols at some sweet friends' home after enjoying soup
and homemade French bread.
We hosted a lovely family of ten at our home for a celebration of our own making.
We were blessed with a visit from our former neighbors
I hosted some sweet girlfriends for a girls' night in of crafting and, of course, eating.

...which leads me back to...

I've been baking.
French bread, apple galettes galore, the odd Christmas goodie.

And I've been thinking. About all of you.
What have you been doing? How have you been?

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