Monday, August 23, 2010

Sweet cousin visits, tastes country life

My nephew Rio was here for a dose of cousin corruption this weekend. We made sure to feed him lots of things he probably doesn't eat at home.

And Laura did her best to confuse him about the concept of an umbrella.

(Unrelated photos of Salvador (this one with Grandpa) are going to be a staple around here for a while.)

But my favorite incident of cousin corruption is this one. If you can't read the title of that irreverent book, count yourself lucky. Madeleine read it to Rio and he giggled. A lot.
Sorry about that, Jess. We didn't mean to be a bad influence. Truly.


CaraDD said...

I love Walter!!

Mama Hen said...

Cousin Corruption-I love it!

Katie said...

Oiy! The corruption is rampant. That pic of Grandpa and Sal melted me to puddles. sigh

Abbi said...

What cute pictures and fun times!

Alexis said...

Love corrupting cousins! We have that book, by the way. It was sent to us by a very dignified Aunt in Sausalito, California - which surprised the socks off me, and made me giggle :D