Thursday, August 12, 2010

Am I too late?

I wanted to write a wonderful post about our community's annual ice cream social and fire hall fundraiser but I was too busy nursing the baby and changing diapers and cooking from scratch after weeks of blessed freezer and neighbor-delivered meals and just this week returning to our twice-a-month volunteer stint at the food pantry and endlessly watering and weeding and fertilizing the garden and oh, yeah, breathing.

So am I too late for a wordless Wednesday of my own design?

You know, where there are a lot of words (but not very many for me) and a few pictures that don't have a lot to do with the words... a post that can still serve as a scrapbook page of my kids' summer in this little rural village we call home.

The place we're glad to entertain our cousins and friends. The place we water our garden and change the baby and, you know, breathe.

If I were to get even the slightest bit metaphorical I'd add: The place we put out fires.
And more importantly the place we fill our tanks.


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