Monday, August 30, 2010

I Sedum chairs?

I love sedum... and I love garden art... but I've never done anything to marry those two loves... until now.
When a painted, weathered porch chair lost its seat. That'll happen if you water a basket of geraniums on it all summer long for four years straight. And then, ahem, you use the chair as a stepstool to hang a banner for a yard party.

So the seat parted ways with the rest of the chair... and met up with some scraps of chicken wire. Cutting the chicken wire to size was the hardest part of the project. It helps if you take time to find wire snips instead of figuring the kitchen shears are "close enough." Don't ask how I know.

My lovely assistants gathered moss and carefully lined the chicken wire with a cushy planting area for sedum, which will love the airy drainage. I hope.
And on a side note, does it seem that my sorta-kinda-how-to is really more of a "how not to"?

Case in point. Moss and chicken wire will not support actual sitting.
I'll share pictures after I plant the sedum, which I have to dig up from between rocks and in a wheelbarrow I planted last year. Then I'll place the whole sculpture (artfully?) in the garden.
This was a fun, free project and it feels good to be back to making something out of nothing. Very farmgirl frugal of me.
Also? I know my puns are not that funny. But I crack myself up. And not just when falling through a porch chair.
What projects are you planning? Planting? Falling into?


CaraDD said...

That's the best! I want a Miriam Sedum Chair now....I'm sure I can come up with one around here somewhere.

Mama Hen said...

I have so many projects in my head...unfortunely my body will not cooperate.
I bet your chair is going to look great!

QuiltedSimple said...

Ths is so COOL! I want one in the worst are amazing!

Alexis said...

My kids would sit on it too... just because you're not supposed to.

Jen Kershner said...

I just love to see re-purposed items in a garden and that one is going to be perfection.