Friday, May 28, 2010

Yep. Still pregnant.

I have to say that I am completely and utterly spoiled by my past delivery experiences. Among my four children, none has been a late arrival. In fact they've all been early by at least two weeks, but none so early as to cause anyone worry.

So this bordering-on-fourth-trimester stuff is just torture.

This holiday weekend we have the usual round of barbecues and family and church outings to attend. Next week we look forward to a couple of parties and a concert for the girls' band. When I wrote these things on the calendar, people, I fully expected to be taking a cute newborn to the various events.

Now it's doubtful I'll be able to fit through the doors.

But hey! Maybe I can make at least one of these parties really memorable by going into labor in a dramatic fashion.

(Always trying to look at the bright side for you.)


CaraDD said...

Nope. This is how it will happen. You and Ryan will be out in the garden sitting in comfy lawn chairs, drinking iced tea and watching your little girlies sweetly planting their tiny garden plots. (Oh, I forgot, it's sunny.) When suddenly, your water will break completely painlessly and you will have no contractions til you get to the hospital. Then they will start and 2 1/2 hours later you will have your sweet baby, Bonnie/Clyde, in your arms. OK?

Abbi said...

Going over due is never much fun but the reward is certianly worth the wait! Have fun this weekend!

Barb said...

Hang in there, M! Isn't it amazing that no matter how many pregnancies, nothing ever resigns us to that last, "when can I burn these clothes" endless time?

Carolyn said...

I didn't realize you were overdue. Are you having the baby at home? I've been spotty with my reading. I guess I missed the due date post. I can't wait to hear the birth story. I'm sure it will be amazing no matter what happens.