Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The rain, the sun, the bipolar weather

I've been reading too much Anne Lamott and Barbara Kingsolver.

It gets me all melancholy.
Or maybe that's the weather talking.
After a mostly gorgeous weekend of gardening-perfect sunshine (with only the smallest of hailstorms, and, um, a windstorm now that I think of it) our Monday and Tuesday have been nonstop rain. I've been staring out my windows at sideways rain, rain that makes it difficult to walk the 300 feet to the chicken coop from the back door. This rain has exhausted our indoor activities of board games and books and made us resort to organizing dresser drawers. It's that bad, people.
It's been a brand of rain that hits the skylights so hard that my kids take up an improvised beat and dance to the noise. Of course that adds to the general din of our farmhouse's usual soundtrack: Legos clacking, clarinet tooting, teakettle whistling.
Yesterday we did brave the weather to attend a meeting for a possible new homeschool cooperative. That was fun. It allowed the girls to run wild in the basement of the church with other children who'd been large-motor-muscle deprived for too long. Also it allowed me to realize how very happy I am to be conducting school at home. Whatever the weather, we have enough time to read and play and read some more.
Today is supposed to be gorgeous outside. I am under strict orders from Mr. Suite to not "go out and plant for six hours."
I wonder whether that means anything less than six hours of outdoor work is acceptable?
Just kidding.
Hope the weather, inside and out, is lovely where you are.


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

We're having the same type of weather here. Ugh! It's depressing! Hang in there!

Barb said...

We have the heat back on and I seriously thought about lighting a fire in the fire place. Instead, I am just sulking and wish I were home in Texas.

CaraDD said...

It's been very UGH weather. I understand about melancholy, especially when you don't get to meet with the other homeschool moms and talk.