Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pushing up daisies? Coming up roses? I forget how it goes.

Last year I saved one little clump of wild daisies at the edge of the garden. I couldn't bear to see them go.

This year they've spread their petals over an area that easily could produce enough, oh, say, peas for my family. What to do? Weeds (be they ever so comely) or food?

Since I didn't plant seventy-five thousand peas like last year, it seems to be working out just fine. The daisies mask my gardening lapse. And they're pretty while they're at it.

Don't be surprised if they work their way up to the house before I manage a solution.


Katie said...

Peas porridge hot...

CaraDD said...

I love daisies...I even love the smell. They just want to grow, grow, grow and make everyone happy. I am mad at peas. Can't talk about them today. :)